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Alcohol: a major contributor to fatal accidents on Montana roads

Every year it seems that automobile manufactures add more safety features to their cars. So one would hope that all the expense and technology put toward these efforts would lead to a discernable decrease in the number of fatal accidents that occur every year on Montana's roads. Unfortunately, in the last years, this has not been the case. In fact, there has been a marked and disturbing increase in the number of deaths that have resulted from collisions on our state's thoroughfares.

According to statistics released by the Montana Highway Patrol, there were a total of 192 roadway fatalities in 2014. But so far this year, there have already been 200 such deaths. That figure is actually almost 13 percent higher than the 177 fatalities that had occurred by this time last year.

As expected, the number of crashes also increased from 161 at this point in 2014 to 181 at the time of this report. And there was one factor that was cited as playing a role in over 57 percent of the reported fatalities: alcohol.

It is hard to fathom all the suffering that could be alleviated if people never got behind the wheel while intoxicated. What these grim statistics can never really reflect is the number of children who have lost parents and spouses who now must soldier on without their partners. The statistics cannot capture the emotional impact that losing a loved one has on a family. Nor do the numbers tell the story of the economic hardships faced by those whose family members were so needlessly removed from their lives.

Money cannot replace what a loved one gives to family, but money is a necessity in day-to-day-living. If you are facing challenges due to the death of a loved one in a motor vehicle accident, you may wish to seek the services of a Montana personal injury attorney. The attorney could investigate the accident to determine liability. The attorney could also act in an effort to help you obtain compensation for your loss.

Source: Great Falls Tribune, "200 roadway deaths in state so far in '15," Nov. 16, 2015

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