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Montana motorcycle licensing process helps build riders' skills

The state of Montana takes motorcycle safety very seriously and as such those who wish to legally ride on the state's roads must pass a very thorough examination. Components of the examination process include a knowledge test and a skills test. The knowledge test contains questions that are specific to motorcyclists.

You will be granted a motorcycle learner license after passing the knowledge test. This learner license allows you to ride while under the supervision of someone who holds the appropriate vehicle licensing.

The skills test is designed to let you demonstrate your ability to ride a motorcycle safely. In order to take the skills test, you are required to use a properly registered motorcycle. The motorcycle must meet certain standards regarding its lights and brakes.

The examination is intended to be difficult and comprehensive. This is because there is concern about the escalating amount of motorcycle-related accidents, most of which involve less experienced riders.

By making the examination thorough and difficult, the state clearly hopes to make sure that motorcyclists are well prepared to take on the many challenges of riding on streets and highways. Every skill and piece of information a rider can acquire could serve to help that rider avoid being in a serious accident.

Yet, motorcycle accidents can happen, and riders can suffer catastrophic injuries. If you have been hurt in a motorcycle-related accident, you will likely be faced with steep medical expenses. You may also find yourself unable to work and earn a living as you recuperate.

Insurance companies are often eager to make settlements quickly in an effort to pay out less than a victim actually needs. Having a personal injury attorney represent your interests may motivate the insurance companies involved in your case to reach a settlement that is fair and appropriate to your needs.

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