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January 2016 Archives

Motorcycle riders should seek treatment for road rash

If you should take a spill on a motorcycle, hopefully, you will suffer no more than scrapes, which are typically referred to as "road rash." But given that you will likely be in motion when you fall, your body could skid a good distance across the pavement, leaving you with very painful abrasions.

What activities are truck drivers required to record?

Nobody can do their best work when bogged down with the symptoms of fatigue. We are all prone to making mistakes when we don't get enough rest. While mistakes at some jobs can cause problems, a mistake made while driving a big rig truck can yield tragic results.

Small car owners need protection against uninsured drivers

The rugged terrain of Montana inspires many of the state's motorists to purchase large, sturdy cars and SUVs. But there are those who prefer the advantages of smaller passenger vehicles. Smaller cars are often more economical than their larger auto brethren. Small cars are also widely considered more environmentally friendly, and some models can be a lot of fun to drive.

Key clues may indicate nursing home neglect or abuse

Placing a relative in an assisted living facility can be an emotional experience. But one thing that can make the transition easier is if you know that your loved one is well cared for. As we have written on this blog, the elderly are vulnerable to injuries such as those caused by falls. And unfortunately, all too often the elderly are neglected or even abused while living in nursing homes.

What methods are used to check for TBI after an accident?

Traumatic brain injuries may occur due to an impact to the head or a piercing of the skull. TBI can result from many events, including falls and objects striking the head. Motor vehicle accidents are also responsible for many cases of TBI. And while TBI can be a very serious condition that requires long-term care, sometimes its symptoms are not readily apparent.