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What methods are used to check for TBI after an accident?

Traumatic brain injuries may occur due to an impact to the head or a piercing of the skull. TBI can result from many events, including falls and objects striking the head. Motor vehicle accidents are also responsible for many cases of TBI. And while TBI can be a very serious condition that requires long-term care, sometimes its symptoms are not readily apparent.

If you are ever in a car accident, it is extremely important that you receive the proper medical attention, which includes being checked out for TBI. There are several different methods that doctors can employ to diagnose if you suffered a brain injury. These methods include:

  • Interviewing others who were at the scene of the accident to find out if you were exhibiting symptoms indicative of a┬ábrain injury.
  • Conducting the Glasgow Coma Scale Test, in which you will be given some simple directions and the doctor can evaluate your responses to determine the possible existence of a brain injury.
  • Having you undergo imaging tests, such as the MRI or CAT. With these tests, the doctor can evaluate images of your brain to assess if there is any damage present.

Hopefully, these tests will show that you have little or no damage, in which case you can be treated with over-the-counter pain remedies. But more serious cases of TBI can lead to very involved and expensive forms of treatment, including prescription medication or even surgery. Further, you may require long-term care and rehabilitation.

If undetected or untreated, a brain injury can quickly increase in severity, so it is vital to have a checkup as soon as possible after an accident. And in order to get a proper level of compensation to pay for your treatment, you may wish to contact a personal injury attorney. The attorney could investigate the circumstances of your accident and help you find the most appropriate way to pursue recompense.

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