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March 2016 Archives

Uninsured motorists pose threat to motorcyclists

As you are likely aware, many of Montana's drivers are either underinsured or simply have no insurance whatsoever. As maddening as this is for responsible motorists who pay their premiums every month, it is nonetheless a fact that must be acknowledged and dealt with. Of course, the most effective way to financially cover yourself and your passengers from being stuck with bills for damages and medical expenses is to add an underinsured/uninsured component to your auto insurance policy.

What should I do if suspect abuse at my parent's nursing home?

There is probably no way for a person to prepare for the day when his or her parents can no longer take care of themselves. After all, it is our parents who were always our caretakers; the ones who acted as our providers and protectors. The reversal of roles can be difficult to reconcile for both children and parents.

Spring motorcycle maintenance makes for safer riding

With the approaching of spring, many Montana riders will be taking their motorcycles out of storage and looking to get back out on the highway. If properly stored, a few months in mothballs certainly shouldn't do a motorcycle any harm, but it is still necessary to take a few steps to get it roadworthy once again. After all, you don't want to take off only to experience a problem on the road.

March is the month to recognize brain injury issues

The impact an auto collision can break bones and cause deep lacerations. Fortunately, if properly treated, most injuries can heal so the accident victim will eventually resume a normal life. But some injuries can leave victims with permanent physical damage.