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March is the month to recognize brain injury issues

The impact an auto collision can break bones and cause deep lacerations. Fortunately, if properly treated, most injuries can heal so the accident victim will eventually resume a normal life. But some injuries can leave victims with permanent physical damage.

Every year, car accidents are responsible for causing traumatic brain injuries. All too often, victims of these injuries are left permanently disabled. These disabilities can be so severe that they require lifelong treatment. Moreover, TBI victims may even lose the capacity to earn a living. Such a condition can leave both the victims and their families unfairly stigmatized.

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. As conducted by the Brain Injury Association of America, the campaign's theme is "Not Alone." The idea behind the Not Alone campaign is to provide information to the public regarding the frequency of brain injuries. The campaign is also intended to shed light on the needs of those who have suffered brain injuries as well as the needs of their families.

The campaign aims to help empower survivors and de-stigmatize brain injuries as well as promote the various forms of available support. The efforts of the BIAA certainly merit applause. But the campaign also bears out just how devastating a brain injury can be.

If you or a cherished family member have suffered a brain injury that was sustained in a car accident, you will likely need compensation that helps to cover the full range of costs you are now facing. A Montana TBI attorney could make a thorough assessment of your costs. By doing this, the attorney can aid in your pursuit of a settlement that is appropriate to your circumstances. The attorney may also be able to get you recompense for such damages as medical expenses, rehabilitation costs and lost wages.

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