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April 2016 Archives

Wording of insurance policies determine compensation

If you should ever have the misfortune of being involved in an automobile accident, you may face many challenges in its aftermath. If the accident was caused by another motorist who is properly insured, then his or her coverage should pay for medical bills and other damages. However, if the responsible driver was not insured, then it could fall on you to pay what could be very costly expenses.

Does fatigue affect a doctor's decision making?

Typically, we are all far more tired at the end of a busy work shift than we were when we started the day. And the fatigue we feel can negatively affect us in many ways. For example, when we are tired, we may begin to have issues with our motor skills. We also can become irritable and our judgment may suffer. In most situations, the symptoms of fatigue will not cause problems and when our workday ends, we can go home and get the rest we need.

The danger increases when aggressive driving turns into road rage

Most of us have had our emotions tested while driving. It can be very frustrating when we are cut off or tailgated by another motorist. At such times, we have to take a deep breath and do our best to deal with the situation.

Motorcyclists vulnerable before and after accidents

The advent of spring is always a welcome change. It is very easy to appreciate how the cold weather gives way to warmer temperatures. And it is quite possible the motorcyclists enjoy this shift more than everyone else. This is because, in the coming months, motorcyclists do not have to be concerned about winter riding hazards, such as snow and ice. Instead, they can simply enjoy being out on the open road while riding past the amazing landscapes of Montana.

Trucking agency offers advice on road safety

Regardless of your level of skill behind the wheel, driving near big rig trucks can be daunting. Truck drivers are perched so high above the ground that it's hard to tell if they can even see you. And in truth, the visibility offered in a tractor trailer is often limited with many blind spots. As such, it is often up to you to look out for your safety and the safety of your passengers.