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Motorcyclists vulnerable before and after accidents

The advent of spring is always a welcome change. It is very easy to appreciate how the cold weather gives way to warmer temperatures. And it is quite possible the motorcyclists enjoy this shift more than everyone else. This is because, in the coming months, motorcyclists do not have to be concerned about winter riding hazards, such as snow and ice. Instead, they can simply enjoy being out on the open road while riding past the amazing landscapes of Montana.

The elimination of road hazards is always good news for motorcyclists. Riders are physically vulnerable, not only to the elements but to road debris, potholes and even wandering animals. And perhaps the greatest danger motorcyclists face is posed by other humans. Motorcyclists often have to hold their own when in proximity to inattentive or aggressive drivers.

But a rider's vulnerability is not limited to the time spent on the road. If a motorcyclist should suffer an injury while riding, he or she may find it difficult to get compensation to cover medical expenses.

Often insurance companies will attempt to offer an injured rider a quick settlement that does not account for the full measure of his or her injuries. This leaves the injured rider to make the daunting choice of taking the much-needed money or trying to hold out for an amount that is more appropriate to the circumstances.

At Towe, Ball, Mackey, Sommerfeld & Turner, we understand how to represent injured motorcyclists who want to receive fair settlements. By assessing your current and future medical requirements, we can arrive at a figure that best reflects your needs. We also can act on your behalf in an effort to get you fairly compensated. You can read about our approach on the motorcycle accident page of this website.

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