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Trucking agency offers advice on road safety

Regardless of your level of skill behind the wheel, driving near big rig trucks can be daunting. Truck drivers are perched so high above the ground that it's hard to tell if they can even see you. And in truth, the visibility offered in a tractor trailer is often limited with many blind spots. As such, it is often up to you to look out for your safety and the safety of your passengers.

On its website, the American Trucking Associations has several good suggestions  for motorists who want to be safe when driving in proximity to big rig trucks. The ATA points out that due to its size, it can be difficult to see around a truck if you are following it too closely. This could give you less chance to react to a sudden change in road conditions.

For example, when a roadway is busy, it is not unusual for there to be sudden traffic slowdowns. If such a slowdown occurs when your view is obstructed by a truck, you may not have sufficient time to apply your brakes.

Likewise, sometimes roads can be strewn with debris such as shredded tires or even bits of broken furniture. While a truck may be able to plow through such obstacles with no problem, it could pose a serious threat to you in your passenger vehicle. Again, you need plenty of advanced warning to avoid catastrophe.

Therefore, the ATA suggests that you should allow a buffer of 20 to 25 car lengths when following a truck. At this distance, you have a much better chance of seeing and avoiding trouble ahead.

Unfortunately, it may not always be possible to put a substantial amount of room between your vehicle and a truck. In close quarters, truck drivers must take care when making lane changes and when approaching slower traffic. Should an inattentive driver fail to slow down in time or drive into a car in another lane, the results could be tragic.

If you are ever injured due to the negligent acts of a truck driver, a Montana personal injury attorney may be able to help you get an appropriate level of compensation.

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