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May 2016 Archives

Motorcyclists are vulnerable to serious injuries

Motorcycle accidents, over all other automobile accidents, have the potential to produce catastrophic injury and devastation to cyclists. In fact, no other driver is as open and vulnerable to serious injury as motorcycle drivers. Cars and trucks provide drivers with an enclosed area filled with airbags and padding to help cushion them in the event of a collision. Motorcycle riders have none of those and are left open to serious injury.

Focus on recovery not medical bills

It's common for individuals that have been injured in a car accident to find themselves facing mounting medical debt, lost wages and disability. Personal injury attorneys have the experience and skill necessary to help those injured in car accidents receive the compensation they need to take their focus off mounting medical debt and put it where it belongs, on their recovery.

Emotional duress can negatively impact truck drivers

Anyone can have the misfortune of being in a serious motor vehicle accident. Serious accidents not only cause severe physical injuries, but they can also leave victims emotionally traumatized. The likelihood of suffering such a tragedy is greatly increased if you have to spend long hours behind the wheel.

Billings riders ask drivers to be more aware of motorcycles

While Montana may boast some of the country's most beautiful terrain for motorcycle riding, it is not without its dangers. Motorcyclists are always extremely vulnerable when out on the open road. Simply traveling at a high rate of speed on two wheels makes riders prone to suffering serious injuries if they should take a spill. But making matters all the more precarious are motorists who fail to keep a lookout for motorcycles.