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Billings riders ask drivers to be more aware of motorcycles

While Montana may boast some of the country's most beautiful terrain for motorcycle riding, it is not without its dangers. Motorcyclists are always extremely vulnerable when out on the open road. Simply traveling at a high rate of speed on two wheels makes riders prone to suffering serious injuries if they should take a spill. But making matters all the more precarious are motorists who fail to keep a lookout for motorcycles.

And motorcyclists have become so concerned about crashes that they recently took to the streets in Billings and held up signs imploring passersby to take more precautions while driving. The signs carried the words "Look 3 Times," the meaning of which is to look three times in each direction while behind the wheel.

Among those who were out and about were members of several motorcycle groups and employees of a Harley Davidson business. The account manager of the business stated that in recent years too many riders had been killed. She pointed out that such accidents are harmful to the entire community. She also said that to get the message across, there are plans to post the "Look 3 Times" signs around Billings.

Hopefully, the labors of these riders will pay off and local drivers will make efforts to be more aware of motorcycles. But the fact that the motorcyclists feel compelled to take such action indicates that motorcycle safety is a genuine issue on our roads.

An automobile-motorcycle collision can leave a rider with catastrophic injuries. Recovering from such an accident can take a long time and be very expensive. As such, it is important that the injured rider receives a level of compensation to cover medical and other expenses.

Accident victims and their families may benefit from having a Montana personal injury attorney handle their case. The attorney could work with insurance companies or, if appropriate, pursue a civil suit against the party responsible for the accident.

Source: KXLH, "Motorcyclists ask for help with safety in Billings," David Jay, Apr 30, 2016

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