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Emotional duress can negatively impact truck drivers

Anyone can have the misfortune of being in a serious motor vehicle accident. Serious accidents not only cause severe physical injuries, but they can also leave victims emotionally traumatized. The likelihood of suffering such a tragedy is greatly increased if you have to spend long hours behind the wheel.

Often, big rig truck drivers are called upon to travel hundreds or even thousands of miles to make their deliveries. In doing so, they travel all hours of the day and night. So it is little wonder that many of these drivers are involved in severe collisions. Some truck drivers are actually in crashes while others bear witness to horrible accidents and their aftermath.

These experiences can leave drivers shaken and some even suffer from the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Unfortunately, driving a truck is a solitary occupation and drivers spend much of their time on the road and away from family and friends. As such, they often lack the kind of support system that could help them deal with their issues. Moreover, they may not be able to afford the professional counseling that they need.

Those with PTSD often have trouble sleeping, concentrating or staying awake, all of which are things that could severely impair a trucker's ability to drive safely. Some PTSD sufferers even resort to drug or alcohol use to cope with their symptoms, which could also severely compromise a driver's fitness while on duty.

Truck drivers with PTSD or other emotional issues need help, but they can also pose a danger to other road users. If you should be involved in a truck accident and you suspect the truck driver was in some way unfit to be on the road, you may wish to contact a Montana personal injury attorney.

By performing an investigation, the attorney may be able to determine the driver's condition at the time of the accident. The attorney could also work to get appropriate compensation from insurance companies or by filing a civil lawsuit against the liable parties.

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