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Don't be mistaken; medication errors are medical malpractice

Some of the most frequent surgical errors happen without a patient's knowledge and don't necessarily result in serious injury. Many of these mistakes are in the form of medication errors and occur while a patient is under sedation for surgical procedures. These medication errors range in severity from mild to life-threatening and, according to studies, affect half of all surgical patients.

Incorrect medication dosing and failing to properly treat patients are among the most common of all medication errors. While these types of medical errors happen at an alarmingly high rate, they can be very difficult to prove. This is because many of them don't actually result in serious injury. In fact, a great deal of medication errors produce other adverse drug events that make it increasingly hard to identify as malpractice.

A small number of adverse drug events that occur as a result of a medication error can be life-threatening. While these serious incidents are easier to identify as negligence, a great number of them never make it that far. Patients often take a great deal of time considering their injury before speaking to an attorney.

Like most other personal injury and medical malpractice actions, time is of the essence. Speaking to an experienced medical malpractice attorney immediately after a suspected injury may help improve the chances of a successful lawsuit. A great deal of medication errors are preventable, yet they affect thousands of patients each year. By working with a lawyer that specializes in medical malpractice cases, these errors can be identified and eradicated, and those who have suffered a loss may be compensated for their injuries.

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