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Do I need to take a motorcycle safety class?

Driving a car is a privilege; that's why it requires a valid driver's license. Every state has requirements that must be met before an individual can take advantage of this privilege. Operating a motorcycle is no different. In the state of Montana, one of the requirements necessary to operate a motorcycle is the successful completion of a motorcycle skills and knowledge test.

To legally operate a motorcycle in the state of Montana, individuals must possess a valid driver's license and the proper motorcycle endorsement. In order to receive a motorcycle endorsement, licensed drivers ages 16 years and older are required to complete a motorcycle skills and knowledge tests. These tests differ from the Montana Motorcycle Rider Safety (MMRS) course and are not completely interchangeable with one another.

The state of Montana does not require individuals to complete an MMRS training course to be a licensed motorcycle driver. However, the completion of certain MMRS courses may allow drivers to receive their operator's license without taking the state skills test. Essentially, an approved MMRS Rider Course waives the requirement of the skills test but still requires drivers to complete the knowledge test before licensing.

Understanding the requirements necessary to become a legal motorcycle operator can help motorcyclists avoid further complication if an accident occurs. Just as with car accidents, operating a motorcycle without proper licensing can result in criminal charges. To ensure drivers stay on the right side of the law, motorcyclists are encouraged to stay knowledgeable about all aspects of motorcycle endorsements. Speaking with an attorney can help individuals better understand these requirements and may help them avoid issues if involved in an accident.

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