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The difference between a birth defect and a birth injury

Giving birth to a baby is one of the most joyous moments a person can experience in life. You and your significant other have brought new life into the world; a life you will cherish and love more than your own. But what if there's a problem with the birth? This joyous occasion can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Estimates say that five out of every 1000 babies born in America will suffer some sort of injury during birth. This could be caused by a doctor improperly using tools, utilizing an inappropriate technique during the delivery or not acting quickly enough when a problem arises. These are referred to as birth injuries. Essentially, these are problems that occur while the baby is being born.

Birth defects, on the other hand, are issues that arise during the course of the pregnancy. It could be a drug that produced unwanted side effects or an obstetrician who failed in his or her duty of care leading up to the delivery.

Keep in mind that if your child suffered a birth injury or defect, it doesn't automatically mean that someone was negligent. Birth defects can be caused by genetics and there are injuries that occur during delivery that even the most attentive doctors can't prevent.

If you feel that a birth injury or defect occurred because of negligence on the part of a hospital or obstetrician, it might be a good idea to speak with a medical malpractice attorney who can help you with your case.

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