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November 2016 Archives

Child custody issues may crop up during holiday season

The divorce process can be especially challenging for those with children in Montana. Unfortunately, even after the divorce has been finalized, a couple may struggle to find common ground about how to handle the holidays. A few tips can help people address child custody issues that may crop up at the end of the year.

Divorce process comes with several financial issues

Getting divorced in Montana can be an emotionally and financially difficult experience no matter how short or long of a time a person has been married. However, the divorce process can be even more challenging for those who are not prepared. One way to be as ready as possible for this type of family law proceeding is to get out of the dark from a financial viewpoint.

Divorce can have impact on retirement planning

Going through a marital dissolution can be emotionally tumultuous, but it can also be a financial roller coaster in Montana. This is especially the case for those eyeing retirement in the near future. The divorce process has a huge effect on all aspects of retirement planning, but it is still possible for people to keep their retirement plans on track following divorce.

Divorce and the ranch: How it's divided

Divorce isn't pretty in the easiest and most straightforward of situations, but when you're a married couple living and working on a Montana ranch, divorcing can get incredibly complicated. The land may be the most valuable thing that you own, as a couple, but it may also be part of one spouse's family heritage. There may be familial, cultural, or emotional value in the land that requires careful consideration.