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Child custody issues may crop up during holiday season

The divorce process can be especially challenging for those with children in Montana. Unfortunately, even after the divorce has been finalized, a couple may struggle to find common ground about how to handle the holidays. A few tips can help people address child custody issues that may crop up at the end of the year.

First, it is important to avoid slipping out of town with the kids before one's ex notices. A parent cannot take a minor child out of the state without the express written consent of the other parent in this situation. It is critical that one's ex knows immediately if one plans to leave town with the children for the holidays.

It might also be beneficial to introduce new activities to the children during the holidays to replace the family traditions that used to be practiced before the divorce. At the same time, it is important to avoid forcing the children to take sides or making them feel guilty about enjoying the time they spend with the other parent during the holidays. Being relaxed about holiday plans can create less stress for everyone involved.

If a divorced parent in Montana needs to ask the court for a visitation motivation, this is possible with proper legal guidance. Asking for a modification can especially be valuable for those who are concerned that the other parent's extended family may be in a situation that places their children at risk, such as a situation involving drug or alcohol abuse. An applied understanding of the law may help people to fight for their children's best interests when dealing with matters related to child custody.

Source:, "Ten Tips for Happy Divorced Holidays", Myra Fleischer, Nov. 14, 2016

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