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December 2016 Archives

Divorce can have major financial implications

Making major financial decisions requires careful planning and usually is best accomplished with professional advice. However, many people involved in Montana divorce proceedings try to make important financial decisions without a full understanding of the implications of their decisions. A few tips may help to navigate the financial aspects of the divorce process with confidence.

Child custody issues can make holiday divorce challenging

During the holidays, it is natural to want to celebrate with loved ones. However, spending time with family can be challenging for those who are dealing with child custody issues as a result of divorce. A few tips might help to navigate these issues during this time of year in Montana.

Property division can be tricky during a later-in-life divorce

Divorce can be challenging no matter what stage of life a person is in. However, the older a person is when he or she gets divorced, the more complicated this type of family law proceeding can be. A few tips may help tackle issues such as property division when going through a late-in-life, or gray, divorce in Montana.

Child custody can be sticking point during divorce

The process of divorce can cause stress not just for Montana parents but also for their children. This is especially true if child custody is a sticking point for the parents. New research, however, indicates that people within the community, such as therapists and the children's pediatricians, may help the children to manage the tough transition that comes with divorce.

Saving your ranch or farm during a divorce

Divorce can be a trying experience. Emotions run high, and a couple that previously was willing to do anything for one another are now fighting, possibly intensely, over custody and familial assets. If your family owns and operates a ranch or a farm, divorce can destroy that livelihood unless you take steps to protect yourself and your ranch or farm.

A closer look at the divorce process in Montana - II

Last time, we discussed how those who have made the difficult decision to end their marriage can derive some much-needed comfort from the fact that they are not alone, and that the law here in Montana recognizes the need to end a marriage efficiently and effectively.

A closer look at the divorce process in Montana

When a couple makes the momentous decision to tie the knot, it's safe to say that the possibility of them someday parting ways is likely the very last thing on their minds. In fact, most engaged couples are more than likely aware of the ubiquitous -- and infamous -- statistic that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, but remain undeterred, believing that it will never happen to them.