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January 2017 Archives

Documentation important during divorce

When navigating the process of dissolving a marriage, it is essential that one safeguard one's personal finances. This is important in even the most amicable of separations, as the events that occur during the divorce process can have long-term financial implications. A couple of tips may help with preserving finances during divorce in Montana.

Antibiotics may worsen personal injury to brain in babies

Brain injury impacts over half a million children and babies every year in the United States, including in Montana. New research indicates that certain antibiotics that are utilized to stop the inflammatory response of the brain may help adults who have suffered personal injury involving the brain. However, these antibiotics may unfortunately negatively impact infants and children.

Divorce can impact credit score

The process of dissolving a marriage can understandably be emotionally challenging, but it can also be difficult from a financial point of view. Specifically, it can affect a person's credit score in the state of Montana. The credit score can specifically be impacted by divorce costs and by failing to make payments.

Avoiding filing for divorce out of anger is wise

Filings for divorces are expected to skyrocket this month as individuals in Montana and elsewhere decide to begin the New Year on their own terms. This is due in part because many people in tumultuous marriages may have just gone through a holiday period that was stressful or may have just finished spending time with difficult in-laws. However, a couple of tips may help people to approach the divorce process carefully this year.