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Antibiotics may worsen personal injury to brain in babies

Brain injury impacts over half a million children and babies every year in the United States, including in Montana. New research indicates that certain antibiotics that are utilized to stop the inflammatory response of the brain may help adults who have suffered personal injury involving the brain. However, these antibiotics may unfortunately negatively impact infants and children.

The study involved newborn rats. A research team treated the rats with a drug known as minocycline. One dose a day was given to the newborn rats over a period of three days. The time span was then extended to nine days.

According to scientists, when they administered antibiotics to the rats directly after they had suffered injuries, the drugs only aggravated their cognitive impairment. Specifically, a great deal of inflammation, cell death and damage occurred. The reason the drugs were not helpful for the newborn rats is because a brain that is still developing is different from a brain that is fully mature.

Right now, no drugs are available for treating traumatic brain injury. However, some medical treatments are available to enhance the outcomes of those who have suffered brain injuries. A person in Montana who has suffered brain injury due to someone else's negligence may opt to file a personal injury claim against the party or parties deemed to be at fault, seeking a judgment for monetary damages. If the plaintiff prevails, he or she may be awarded financial relief, which may help with covering the cost of ongoing medical treatments and other brain injury-related losses.  

Source:, "Antibiotics Effective Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment In Adults But Worsens Cognitive Problems In Children: Study", Livia Rusu, Jan. 13, 2017

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