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Parents can make divorce process easier for the children

The dissolution of a marriage can be a painful process for everyone involved. That includes both the parents and the children. However, parents can take a few steps to prevent their children from suffering more emotional harm than necessary during a Montana divorce proceeding.

First, it is best to avoid bickering where the children can see and hear what is going on. Witnessing arguments will only add to the children's frustration, hurt and confusion. In addition, hearing their parents speak negatively about each other forces the children to feel as though they have to pick sides, which can be distressing.

In addition, it can be helpful to start establishing some brand new traditions. For instance, a pancake breakfast on Saturday may be a good idea, or even a game night or movie night on Friday. These types of traditions give the children something to be excited about amid the difficulty of the divorce, and they can also help with building connections among family members at a time when the family dynamic is changing.

If it is possible for two divorcing parents to get together at the negotiation table to work out their issues, this may be a much more amicable way of addressing disputes than going to trial. Through negotiation, parents in Montana can decide for themselves how matters such as child custody should be handled and then draw up a parenting plan that meets both sides' needs. If they cannot accomplish this together, the divorce court will end up making these decisions for them.

Source:, "7 Ways To Help Your Kids Get Through Divorce", Kurt Smith, March 22, 2017

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