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Various options exist for divorce process

Each spouse has his or her own concerns and priorities during the dissolution of a marriage. Complicating matters even more is the fact that many matters must be addressed in the state of Montana, ranging from property division to potential spousal support. The divorce process can take one of many forms.

For some spouses, a collaborative divorce may prove helpful. With this type of divorce process, the spouses get to determine how they would like to split their assets. They essentially produce a plan that they consider to be mutually beneficial and satisfactory and then submit it to a judge.

With a collaborative divorce, an option is for one spouse to work with his or her attorney to create a plan and then have the other party review this plan. If both parties accept the plan, they can present it to a judge. Finally, the judge will dissolve their marriage.

Another divorce process option is mediation, where a neutral third party known as the mediator helps both spouses to create a plan for dividing their assets and settling other divorce-related disputes. Both mediation and collaborative divorce offer the benefits of being less contentious than going to trial, which can be beneficial not only for the spouses but also for any children they have. In addition, these processes are less time consuming and thus less costly in the long run. In either situation, an attorney in the state of Montana can help to make sure that one's rights are protected during every step of the process.

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