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Helping children to cope with divorce requires communication

The dissolution of a marriage can especially be challenging for the children involved. This is true whether the children are 5 or 15 years old. A few tips may help with making the divorce process easier for the entire family to navigate in Montana.

First, explaining to the children what is happening is critical. Even young children are more intuitive than many parents think. For instance, they will certainly notice if their parents start sleeping in different bedrooms or if one parent moves out of the house. Telling the children the truth about the divorce in an age-appropriate manner, and doing so in a unified manner, is paramount for preventing the children from drawing conclusions that might be false.

Encouraging communication is also important during the first conversation as well as the divorce process unfolds. After all, the children will most likely have commentary or questions regarding the situation. Even after the conversations are over, parents can check in on their children and ensure that they are coping with the breakup as best as possible.

Even though divorce can be emotionally and mentally challenging, parents who are ending their marriage in Montana can take steps to mitigate its negative effects. These steps include addressing matters such as child custody during mediation or a collaborative divorce, alternatives to traditional litigation. These options are often less stressful than going to trial and can result in a parenting agreement that is satisfactory for the entire family and is especially in the best interests of the children.

Source:, "9 Strategies To Help Your Children Cope With Divorce", Vikki Ziegler, May 22, 2017

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