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Mediating divorce, Montana style

Up here in the wide open plains of Montana, many of the issues that couples face in more densely populated areas simply don't play out the same way they do elsewhere. While the laws governing divorce are by-and-large the same, the practical way divorces work out are drastically different in ranch country than in one of the larger cities of our sister states.

Negotiating a divorce settlement that fairly addresses the needs of a couple living in Montana can mean a great deal of very specific attention. Often, the best way to approach a divorce in Montana is through the use of divorce mediation.

Mediation offers all the same legal protections as a traditionally mediated divorce, but is built to be more amicable and flexible to help both spouses reach a fair agreement.

If you fear that the details of your circumstances make a fair, amicable divorce impossible, you may simply need to reach out to an attorney who truly understands the finer points of making fair divorce work.

No asset is too big (literally) for mediation

Divorce and ranch life are a tough mix. Often ranches are a family affair, so it's not so easy to simply say each spouse gets half of the acreage and call it a day. Many individuals in ranch communities are also much richer in land and the complex assets than they are in cash-on-hand.

Let's say you and your spouse are facing divorce, and your largest significant asset is a portion of a ranch your spouse shares with his or her family. In this case, it is not terribly simple to decide how to reach a fair agreement, and requires the careful guidance of an experienced attorney who understands the complexity of these issues.

The good news is that divorce mediation starts from the supposition that each spouse can compromise and each spouse can likewise win. With proper guidance, even the most complicated issue is resolvable.

Mediating custody issues

Another common difficulty we face in the plains is the reality of couples divorcing with children. Often, after the divorce finalizes, the parent with primary custody no longer wishes to stay up here, and may want to move with the children.

Whether they want to move to Chicago or Atlanta is somewhat irrelevant — they are both far enough away that the effect is the same. With an experienced mediator, you can address these complex custody issues before they become ongoing bones of contention, reaching a resolution that truly keeps the children at the heart of the negotiation.

Don't wait to build a strong team

The sooner you reach out to an experienced attorney, the sooner you can set the tone of your divorce and ensure that it heads in a positive, constructive direction. Proper legal guidance and mediation can help you successfully dissolve your marriage while ensuring that your rights remain secure in the process.

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