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June 2017 Archives

Making divorce process better is possible

No matter what the reason may be for dissolving a marriage in Montana, the process can be challenging and painful both financially and emotionally. This is particularly the case when those getting a divorce have minor children. Still, a couple of tips can help with facilitating a divorce that is as healthy as possible for everyone involved.

Logic essential part of navigating divorce proceedings

The process of getting divorced in Montana is anything but easy. Even when the circumstances are better than in most situations, tempers can easily run high. A few tips can help with making decisions based on logic rather than on emotion during a divorce, which can be costly in the long run.

Preparation for dealing with multiple issues necessary in divorce

A marital breakup in Montana is often complicated, emotionally and financially. One of the biggest aspects of a divorce that causes contention is the division of marital property. Child custody can also spark some heated arguments.

Divorce proceeding offers multiple benefits

People who are thinking about getting divorced typically have an idea of what they can expect from the process based on their own friends' or family members' experiences, or based on what they have seen on television. Still, facing one's own divorce can understandably be far more frightening. This type of family law proceeding in Montana offers many benefits, however.

Understanding equitable division in Montana

Dividing assets due to divorce is always complicated. In many cases, a prenuptial or postnuptial marital agreement can provide guidance during the divorce process. However, if you do not have such an agreement in place, you will more than likely have to fully adhere to Montana's property division laws. When you have extensive property, such as a ranch or other high value assets, it is important to understand how the state treats marital property during a divorce.

Head-on car accidents: Injuries, death follow Montana crash

A 22-year-old woman recently lost her life in a Montana head-on collision. Meanwhile, an 81-year-old woman suffered injuries in the collision. The accident occurred along Interstate 90 on a Thursday evening. Often, these types of car accidents are the result of the negligence of a motorist, which is grounds for a civil lawsuit.