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Collaborative divorce process involves using an expert team

Dissolving a marriage in Montana does not always have to be a tumultuous journey. In some situations, it can actually be a relatively peaceful path to post-divorce life. This is possible through the collaborative divorce process.

Collaborative divorce provides an efficient path to dissolving a marriage that encourages a couple to peacefully resolve their marital split-up. Contrary to traditional divorce litigation, collaborative divorce makes it possible for a couple to get divorced while keeping their affairs private. With a divorce trial, the matters discussed in court will end up in the public court records.

With collaborative divorce, the couple has the opportunity to work with a full team of experts. This team includes an attorney for each spouse along with a neutral mental health professional and a financial professional. With this type of divorce proceeding, there are no surprises and no secrets. Rather, the goal is to provide helpful information for making difficult decisions.

Collaborative divorce is especially helpful for couples who have young children, as they will have to engage in co-parenting in the years ahead. With this alternative to litigation, divorcing parties can work on finding common ground and achieving a resolution with which both are satisfied. However, collaborative divorce is ideal for any couple who wishes to move quickly through the divorce process and avoid the emotional and financial consequences that come with having a bitter and prolonged divorce. A qualified attorney can help with understanding each step of the process and navigating them successfully for one's benefit in Montana.

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