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Logic essential part of navigating divorce proceedings

The process of getting divorced in Montana is anything but easy. Even when the circumstances are better than in most situations, tempers can easily run high. A few tips can help with making decisions based on logic rather than on emotion during a divorce, which can be costly in the long run.

First, being as cooperative and reasonable with a future ex as possible is critical. Being more reasonable can lead to easier and faster results, which means both parties can move forward with their lives more quickly. In addition, fully disclosing all property and assets is a must. Divorce courts can throw out divorce decrees if financial deception is found, which means both parties may end up back in court several years after the divorce was originally finalized.

Another mistake that some divorcing spouses make is giving away some of their property to friends with a secret plan to get it back following the divorce. Again, this may lead to a return trip to court for the purpose of settling such assets, and the court may not take kindly to any attempt to deceive. Furthermore, it's best to avoid making major plans to accept jobs in other states or move to another country until the divorce has been finalized. These changes, especially when children are involved, can easily interfere with the completion of the divorce process.

The more open both spouses can be in Montana, the easier the divorce process may be. If both parties are willing to negotiate regarding matters such as property division, they might be able to avoid further court intrusion. If not, then the court will end up deciding who gets what assets and how issues such as child custody will be handled.

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