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Making divorce process better is possible

No matter what the reason may be for dissolving a marriage in Montana, the process can be challenging and painful both financially and emotionally. This is particularly the case when those getting a divorce have minor children. Still, a couple of tips can help with facilitating a divorce that is as healthy as possible for everyone involved.

Making the children feel in control is important during the divorce process. In the typical divorce, children usually feel powerless because they had no say in their parents' split-up. They also are not usually given any options in the divorce decision.

One way to help the children to reinsert their control is by ensuring that they feel loved and valued. In addition, even though they could not have a say in the marital dissolution, they can still have a say in daily decisions during and after the divorce, such as their sleeping arrangements, where to visit for their next spring break trip and what home décor to use. The children can also play a role in coming up with new traditions for the family.

Just as divorce can be hard on the parents in Montana, it can be just as emotionally hard on the children -- if not more. It can be helpful for the children if the parents are willing to try to work out their divorce-related issues at the negotiation table rather than at trial, where the process tends to be lengthier and less amicable. However, a court may have to get involved, if the two parties are unable to come up with their own divorce settlement.

Source:, "How to Have a Better Divorce", Gail Gross, June 13, 2017

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