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Preparation for dealing with multiple issues necessary in divorce

A marital breakup in Montana is often complicated, emotionally and financially. One of the biggest aspects of a divorce that causes contention is the division of marital property. Child custody can also spark some heated arguments.

Before embarking on the divorce process, gathering important information, such as financial and legal documents, is critical. This will make it easier to review all of the assets and property that both spouses will likely be battling over during the divorce proceeding. These assets often range from business assets and retirement plans to recreational vehicles, the family home and even home furnishings.

Regarding the children, important issues to think about early on are the arrangements for physical and legal custody of the children. Dental and health insurance for the children is also important, and a visitation schedule for stepchildren could be considered. Funding the children's college education, plans for their religious upbringing and who will claim the children as dependents on income tax returns are also important issues to tackle. The parties may also need to address spousal support issues, including who is entitled to support, how long the support should last and how much support should be paid.

Every divorce is different in Montana. After all, couples leave their marriages with varying assets and under varying circumstances. Although divorce is inherently complicated, an attorney can provide guidance from the beginning to the end of the proceedings to ensure that one's rights are upheld and one's best interests are protected at the negotiation table and at trial, if necessary.

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