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July 2017 Archives

Credit acounts have impact on divorce proceeding

When it comes to getting divorced, two of the biggest areas of conflict between two spouses have to do with the family home and child custody. However, another particularly important area to consider during a divorce proceeding in Montana is credit. Understanding the various types of credit accounts that a couple may open while they are married might help to illuminate the possible benefits of each one.

Nesting: one option for the kids following divorce

Getting divorced in Montana can be just as tough for the children as it is for the parents. This is particularly true since children often field powerless and even at fault in their parents' divorce. One way parents can make the process a bit easier for the children to deal with is by implementing nesting.

Trying to divorce the marital home is a challenge

The family home can be one of the biggest sources of conflict during the dissolution of a marriage. Some individuals who are going through a Montana divorce prefer to retain ownership of the home due to the positive memories associated with the residence. However, this may not always be the best option.

Alimony may help lower-earning spouse following divorce

When two spouses decide to get divorced, spousal support (sometimes called alimony) may be awarded to one of the parties. The divorce court may award it based on an agreement that the couple has reached or based on its own decision. The aim of alimony in Montana is to limit the potentially unfair economic impact of the dissolution of a marriage.

Document exchange important part of divorce proceeding

After spouses who are getting divorced in Montana file their initial court papers to start the process, they must exchange information regarding their respective personal, financial and economic situations. This information includes how much property they own as well as their income and debt. This part of a divorce proceeding is referred to as the discovery process.

Making financial preparations essential during divorce

A marital split-up is a life-changing event. After all, two spouses are essentially agreeing to no longer live jointly, which means they must separate everything they own together. Divorce can be hard at any age, but it can be particularly challenging for those in Montana who are older or are nearing retirement, as they do not have as much time to bounce back from the financial losses they incur as a result of getting divorced.

Should you receive spousal support from your Montana divorce?

Deciding to end your marriage is a process often fraught with emotions and serious social concerns. This is particularly true for spouses who decided to stay home during the marriage. Whether you focused on raising your children or simply needed to devote full-time attention to maintaining your home or ranch, deciding to divorce without a source of income can become a terrifying prospect.

Head-on car accidents may cause death, injuries

A tragic car collision that recently occurred in Montana led to one death and some injuries. The accident happened during the morning hours on a Tuesday. These kinds of car accidents can easily occur if a driver is careless behind the wheel, and in such a situation, the at-fault driver may be held financially responsible for the injuries or deaths resulting from the accident.