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Document exchange important part of divorce proceeding

After spouses who are getting divorced in Montana file their initial court papers to start the process, they must exchange information regarding their respective personal, financial and economic situations. This information includes how much property they own as well as their income and debt. This part of a divorce proceeding is referred to as the discovery process.

Through examining the information that two spouses exchange during discovery early on the divorce process, the parties may work on determining the fairest way of dividing property. They can also start to tackle issues such as spousal support and child support. Discovery may involve either a relatively informal document and information exchange or a more rigid process. 

An important aspect of discovery is the interrogatories that a spouse poses for the other spouse. Interrogatories are essentially questions that require a written response from the other spouse. For instance, a question may require a spouse to describe his or her current relationship with the children. If the questions are difficult to understand or do not seem fair, one's attorney can help decide which questions need to be answered versus which ones can be challenged in court as improper or irrelevant. 

The divorce process can be confusing due to all of the moving parts involved. However, an attorney in Montana can provide helpful explanations and assist in making important decisions at each stage. The attorney's goal will be to help to protect one's best interests and pursue a personally favorable outcome when it comes to matters such as asset division, spousal support or other family law issues.

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