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Nesting: one option for the kids following divorce

Getting divorced in Montana can be just as tough for the children as it is for the parents. This is particularly true since children often field powerless and even at fault in their parents' divorce. One way parents can make the process a bit easier for the children to deal with is by implementing nesting.

Nesting is an arrangement where the children of divorce can simply stay in the family home rather than being shuffled back and forth between their parents' separate residences. This eliminates the need for the children to have separate toys and other items at their parents' residences. The benefit of nesting is that the children can enjoy a sense of stability during the already unsettling life event of their parents' divorce.

Another reason to choose nesting is to try to keep the family together after divorce. However, this arrangement works only if the parents are still willing to see each other regularly following their divorce. If they cannot get along, nesting will likely not be a viable option.

Parents in Montana who are getting a divorce can work together to come up with a parenting plan that reflects both of their wishes as well as their children's needs. This plan can cover matters such as who gets physical custody and legal custody, and how visitation will be handled. If they cannot work together amicably on a parenting plan, court intrusion is inevitable. A judge will have to decide who will get to keep the children, making the final child custody decision based on the best interests of the children.

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