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August 2017 Archives

Knowing financial situation important first step in divorce

Getting divorced is both an emotional and financial event. Because divorce typically involves two people who are angry and bitter, the entire process can be volatile. A couple of tips may help with navigating this complex type of family law proceeding in Montana.

Get serious about your finances during a divorce

You may have been surprised by a spouse who suddenly wanted a divorce. You may have been the one who had the idea, and perhaps you were thinking about how to move forward with the dissolution of your marriage for a very long time. Regardless of why you're currently divorcing, it's time to get serious about your financial circumstances.

Important steps to take when divorce is unavoidable

Going through the dissolution of a marriage can quickly take a toll both financially and emotionally. Unfortunately, sometimes divorce is unavoidable if two spouses cannot see eye to eye about issues affecting their marriage. A couple of tips may help those embarking on the journey of divorce for the first time in Montana.

Budgeting an important part of navigating divorce

For those getting divorced in Montana, the impact on their finances may be significant. This is true whether they have decided to handle their divorce matters at trial or outside of court. A few tips can help one to be as financially prepared as possible to avoid expensive mistakes that can have both short-term and long-term implications.

Common divorce myths involve the marital home

Navigating the process of getting divorced in Montana can feel like going through a war zone as opposed to going for a walk in the park. Myths surrounding the divorce process unfortunately can make it even more difficult to get through. A couple of these myths involve the marital home and the children.

Achieving a divorce settlement agreement involves a few steps

The process of getting divorced can be relentlessly challenging from an emotional standpoint. Therefore, the thought of going to trial, which may only drag out this type of family law proceeding, can understandably be unappealing. Fortunately, settling outside of court may be a viable option for a couple going through divorce in Montana.

Car accidents may lead to injuries, deaths in Montana

Sadly, two people recently lost their lives in a tragic motor vehicle accident in Montana. In addition, seven others suffered injuries in the car accident. Sometimes these types of car accidents happen as a result of the carelessness of a particular driver, in which case this driver may be held liable in the civil court system.

Prenuptial agreement can help with addressing debt during divorce

Just as getting married is a major life event in Montana, getting divorced is a major life moment as well. Unfortunately, the latter is far less pleasant than the former. Before getting married, creating a prenuptial agreement can be a helpful way of protecting one's assets and tackling other important areas in the event that divorce is inevitable.