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Car accidents may lead to injuries, deaths in Montana

Sadly, two people recently lost their lives in a tragic motor vehicle accident in Montana. In addition, seven others suffered injuries in the car accident. Sometimes these types of car accidents happen as a result of the carelessness of a particular driver, in which case this driver may be held liable in the civil court system.

The car accident happened at about 8 p.m. According to police, a motor vehicle was going west on Interstate 90. All of a sudden, a passenger allegedly took hold of the steering wheel. Police said that at that time, the automobile left the roadway and flipped, landing in the median.

Two passengers were thrown from the car and ended up dying at the crash scene. Police said they were not wearing their safety belts when the accident happened. Meanwhile, the injured parties were taken to a medical center for treatment. Authorities said that speeding likely was not a factor in the crash, but they were investigating whether alcohol was a causal factor in the collision.

The driver may face litigation following the Montana accident, as the driver is responsible for all passengers' safety. In addition, the passenger who allegedly grabbed the wheel, if he or she is one of the survivors, may be held liable for any deaths or injuries that happened as a result if this can be proved. If this passenger died, his or her estate could still be sued. The injured parties and the surviving loved ones of the deceased victims who reportedly did not cause the accident may choose to file personal injury claims and wrongful death claims respectively, seeking the reimbursement of damages associated with these types of car accidents. Liability must be established before the civil court hearing the case before claims for damages will be determined.

Source:, "2 killed, 7 injured in rollover crash near Bonner", Aug. 6, 2017

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