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Important steps to take when divorce is unavoidable

Going through the dissolution of a marriage can quickly take a toll both financially and emotionally. Unfortunately, sometimes divorce is unavoidable if two spouses cannot see eye to eye about issues affecting their marriage. A couple of tips may help those embarking on the journey of divorce for the first time in Montana.

First, coordinating with one's ex may be helpful in minimizing any unnecessary drama in the marital split-up. For instance, once both spouses share their divorce news with their inner circles -- including family and friends -- they will likely have to share this news with their children as well. Both spouses may benefit from talking about the divorce with the children together, rather than one spouse sharing this information without the other party's knowledge.

Second, researching a divorce method is essential. The traditional divorce model is litigation. Meanwhile, two other options include collaborative divorce and mediation.

With collaborative divorce, both spouses in Montana can have a team of professionals, including attorneys, financial experts and mental health experts, for example, working with them to help them to achieve a divorce settlement. Mediation, like collaborative divorce, is an alternative to traditional litigation that involves using a neutral third party to facilitate communication between the spouses so that a mutually satisfactory settlement is reached. These two processes are typically less stressful, shorter and less costly than litigation. However, if the spouses cannot find common ground when dealing with matters such as property division, they will have to go to trial and allow a judge to make these important final decisions for them.

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