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September 2017 Archives

Car accidents may happen due to negligent driving

A man's life was tragically cut short in a recent vehicle crash in Montana, and another individual suffered injuries. The motor vehicle collision took place near a creek fishing access on a Wednesday and involved a car falling off of a cliff. These types of car accidents sometimes occur because someone behind the wheel behaved negligently, including driving under the influence, which is grounds for litigation.

Alimony decisions have tax implications during divorce

An essential aspect of dealing with the end of a marriage in Montana is planning for the tax-related consequences. Unfortunately, taxes are often among the least understood aspects of a divorce. A couple of tips may help with addressing taxes and another particular divorce matter that often sparks conflict: alimony.

Head-on car accidents often have fatal consequences

Sadly, a car accident has taken the life of a woman in Montana. The motor vehicle crash occurred on a recent Sunday morning. These types of car accidents sometimes occur due to the carelessness of a fellow motorist, in which case the at-fault driver may face claims for financial responsibility in the civil court system.

Child, spousal support can be challenging aspects of divorce

Dissolving a marriage in Montana is often something couples never planned to do. Thus, when they finally do decide to get a divorce, they may be at a loss when it comes to what steps to take. A couple of tips may help with tackling some of the biggest issues that crop up during the dissolution of a divorce, namely those involving financial support.

Child custody debates can be strenuous for children

About 50 percent of children born in the 1990s are expected to experience the split-up of their parents. Unfortunately, divorce can be just as emotionally difficult on the children as it is on the parents. However, a few tips may help with easing the pressure that children feel when their parents are tackling child custody matters during divorce in Montana.