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Child custody debates can be strenuous for children

About 50 percent of children born in the 1990s are expected to experience the split-up of their parents. Unfortunately, divorce can be just as emotionally difficult on the children as it is on the parents. However, a few tips may help with easing the pressure that children feel when their parents are tackling child custody matters during divorce in Montana.

First, letting the children know they are loved is paramount. The divorce process is often characterized by uncertainty and the lack of stability regarding the future for both parents and children. Depending on the age of a child, his or her emotions may range from being afraid of abandonment to being angry. In light of this, parents may help their children by reassuring them that they are committed to caring for them.

Putting the children first when dealing with custody decisions is also important. The more quickly children know what their future living situations will be like, the sooner they will start to reconstruct their worlds and experience some stability again. If possible, parents may benefit from coming to some kind of compromise concerning custody before they go to trial.

The courts in Montana are typically not in the best position for determining which parents should be given child custody. Rather, the parents are usually better equipped for making this decision, as they know their children better than the courts do. Waiting until trial to sort out custody details may result in a long-lasting battle that turns ugly, with one of the spouses attempting to paint a bad picture of the other spouse in an effort to gain custody. An attorney can help with addressing custody matters outside of court, which is ultimately healthier for both the co-parents and the children long term.

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