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Child, spousal support can be challenging aspects of divorce

Dissolving a marriage in Montana is often something couples never planned to do. Thus, when they finally do decide to get a divorce, they may be at a loss when it comes to what steps to take. A couple of tips may help with tackling some of the biggest issues that crop up during the dissolution of a divorce, namely those involving financial support.

Child support is often a major area of contention during divorce. A judge typically determines how much one spouse will end up paying the other one. Naturally, the spouse who will receive money may be concerned about not receiving a fair amount, whereas the paying spouse may be worried about having to pay an unreasonably high amount.

Spousal support is another aspect of divorce that may spark conflict. Temporary support is determined prior to the finalizing of the divorce, so the actual final agreement might be different. Meanwhile, rehabilitative support is the support that an ex will end up receiving until he or she becomes self-sufficient financially. Permanent support, unlike the other types of support, is paid until either spouse dies or until the spouse receiving support gets remarried.

When it comes to child support, a judge will use a particular formula to determine how much will end up being paid to ensure that a divorced couple's child will continue to have his or her needs met after the divorce. With spousal support, a couple may be able to decide on their own how this will be handled without further court intrusion. Otherwise, a judge will also make this decision for them. An attorney in Montana can help to ensure that one's best interests are protected in all such areas of conflict during a divorce proceeding.

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