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October 2017 Archives

Child custody decision involves several considerations

Divorce can be a stressful experience from both an emotional and a financial viewpoint. This is true no matter how long or short of a time a couple has been married. However, one of the biggest areas of conflict for divorcing parents in Montana is child custody.

Car accidents caused by drifting may lead to serious injuries

Three individuals suffered injuries in a recent motor vehicle collision in Montana. The accident occurred on a Friday afternoon along U.S. Highway 2 and involved multiple automobiles. Sometimes, these types of car accidents occur due to the carelessness of someone behind the wheel; in which case, the reportedly negligent driver may be held liable through the civil court system.

Divorce can have impact on retirement

During the process of getting divorced in Montana, how the marital split-up will affect one's retirement typically is not an immediate area of focus. However, is a legitimate concern long term. For this reason, taking steps to protect one's retirement plans is critical during a divorce proceeding.

Whether to keep the marital home following divorce a big decision

At the start of the divorce process in Montana, being unsure about what to do is natural. An area that may especially spark questions is property division, which can easily cause fireworks between soon-to-be-exes. Specifically, determining what to do with the couple's marital house in divorce proceedings is critical.  

Mediation may be a good idea during divorce

Dissolving a marriage can be a brutal ordeal. This is true even if two spouses are attempting to end their marriage in a reasonable manner. After all, divorce litigation involves courtroom procedures that can taken months to complete. An alternative to going to trial in Montana, however, is divorce mediation.

Divorce can have multiple long-term effects

Getting divorced in Montana is a life-changing experience, with two spouses having to undo their ties and learn how to move on with their own individual lives. The process can understandably be overwhelming both emotionally and financially. Divorce has a few effects in particular that have to do with taxes and the family home.

Does your common-law marriage hold up in court?

Relationships are always complicated, no matter how you go about them. However, few family law issues are as complicated as common law marriages. Defining what even is a common-law marriage varies from state to state, but once one is established, a common law spouse can invoke many of the same privileges that traditional spouses enjoy.