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Child custody decision involves several considerations

Divorce can be a stressful experience from both an emotional and a financial viewpoint. This is true no matter how long or short of a time a couple has been married. However, one of the biggest areas of conflict for divorcing parents in Montana is child custody.

One custody arrangement option is for the parents to both be able to make decisions concerning the welfare and upbringing of their children. This is generally known as joint legal custody. Alternatively, a parent may pursue sole custody of the children if he or she feels that the other party is not fit to assume parental responsibilities.

If the parents are able to come up with their own parenting agreement without further court intrusion, this can make dealing with child custody a lot less stressful for all parties involved. For instance, the parents may be able to reach an agreement through an alternative to traditional divorce litigation, such as collaborative divorce or mediation. Negotiation may also lead to a mutually satisfactory parenting agreement.

However, if the couple cannot find common ground outside of court, they will have to rely on a judge to make the final decision for them. Unfortunately, this final decision might not really be what one or both parents would have wanted. An attorney in Montana can help to ensure that one's rights are protected when tackling child custody as part of a divorce, with the best interests of the children ultimately receiving top priority during this type of family law proceeding.

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