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Mediation may be a good idea during divorce

Dissolving a marriage can be a brutal ordeal. This is true even if two spouses are attempting to end their marriage in a reasonable manner. After all, divorce litigation involves courtroom procedures that can taken months to complete. An alternative to going to trial in Montana, however, is divorce mediation.

With divorce mediation, two spouses who want to get divorced will take part in one or several private meetings with a neutral third party. Through several discussions, the two spouses will have the opportunity to talk about and negotiate the splitting of their assets. They can also decide how to handle child custody if they have children, along with other divorce matters.

The goal of mediation is to arrive at a compromise that both parties like. If they cannot do this, they will have to take their matters to court for a judge to decide. Unfortunately, the judge's decisions may not necessarily align with what one or both parties would have wanted or expected.

Mediation offers multiple benefits in Montana, with one of them being lower stress. The conversations that take place during mediation are relatively more casual and less emotional than those that take place at trial. In addition, achieving a resolution is usually faster with mediation, so both parties can return to their normal routines much sooner. The more complex a case is, the longer it could take in the trial setting. A divorce attorney in Montana can help to ensure that one's rights and best interests are protected during mediation or even during litigation if going to trial is inevitable.

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