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November 2017 Archives

Divorce team is 1 of most important decisions during breakup

Ending a marriage in Montana is a major ordeal both financially and emotionally. Unfortunately, the process can feel drawn out for those seeking to tackle their divorce issues aggressively and achieve the finality needed to move on as quickly as possible. One's personal divorce team is important in dictating the financial and emotional outcome of the divorce proceeding.

Being thankful for divorce is possible for a few reasons

Understandably, navigating the dissolution of a marriage can be stressful. Nevertheless, divorce does have some positives, and dwelling on these instead of the negative aspects of divorce may make it easier to deal with. There are multiple reasons to be thankful for going through divorce proceedings in Montana, no matter how acrimonious or complex it may be.

Holidays following divorce can be challenging without the kids

A parent's first Thanksgiving or Christmas following the dissolution of a marriage is generally not easy. Unfortunately, even the 10th holiday can still be a challenge. A few tips may help to make the holidays more manageable -- emotionally -- following divorce in Montana.

Divorce can be especially problematic for those over 40

The emotional turbulence that accompanies the dissolution of a marriage in Montana can alone be overwhelming for those ending their marriage. Having to address the finances can feel like adding salt to the proverbial wound. This is particularly true for those who are going through divorce past the age of 40.

Car accidents on icy roads may lead to injuries, death

A man, age 37, recently lost his life in a tragic Montana motor vehicle accident. Four other individuals suffered injuries in the head-on car accident. These types of car accidents often occur due to the carelessness of a motorist behind the wheel -- for instance, driving too quickly for weather conditions -- which is grounds for civil litigation in the state.

Understanding medical child support

When parents choose to divorce, they must reach fair agreements about a number of issues surrounding raising their child. If divorcing parents do not reach reasonable agreements through working together, a court will step in and issue orders for the best interests of the child. Should you and your child's parent divorce, you want to prioritize your child's care and make sure that you address every pertinent issue.

Finances important focus area when navigating divorce

The financial aspect of dissolving a marriage is often stressful and complicated. This is particularly true for those who fail to prepare before going to court. A few financial matters are important to address as early as possible in a divorce proceeding in Montana.

Divorce can be smoother with a few important steps

The process of getting divorced in Montana can naturally be overwhelming no matter how long a couple has been married. Part of the reason divorce can be so stressful is that two spouses may not agree on how to handle their finances. Some tips may help with addressing the financial aspects of the marriage dissolution process.