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Divorce team is 1 of most important decisions during breakup

Ending a marriage in Montana is a major ordeal both financially and emotionally. Unfortunately, the process can feel drawn out for those seeking to tackle their divorce issues aggressively and achieve the finality needed to move on as quickly as possible. One's personal divorce team is important in dictating the financial and emotional outcome of the divorce proceeding.

The creation of a professional team is one of the most essential decisions to make when embarking on the process of divorce. After all, advice from family members and friends can be helpful only to a point. A valuable person to add to this professional team is a therapist, who can help with sorting out the emotions brought on by divorce so that logical decisions can be made at the negotiation table.

Another invaluable team member is a financial advisor. The advisor can help a divorcing spouse to assess his or her current financial situation and figure out what type of settlement is necessary to remain as stable as possible following the divorce. Without a financial advisor, especially one who is used to working with those going through divorce, one may make a monetary mistake that has negative repercussions long term.

Finally, an attorney in Montana is a crucial divorce team member for handling the filing process, advocating for you in court and addressing common divorce-related issues, such as property division and child custody. Other issues that may require an attorney's input include alimony and child support. An experienced attorney can explain complicated matters to ensure that one makes the best decisions given the circumstances surrounding the family law proceedings.

Source: Forbes, "Considering Divorcing? This Is Your Single Most Important Decision", Rob Clarfeld, Nov. 28, 2017

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