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Holidays following divorce can be challenging without the kids

A parent's first Thanksgiving or Christmas following the dissolution of a marriage is generally not easy. Unfortunately, even the 10th holiday can still be a challenge. A few tips may help to make the holidays more manageable -- emotionally -- following divorce in Montana.

First, making alternative holiday-related dates with the children can be helpful for getting through Thanksgiving and Christmas without a hitch. Just because a parent does not have the children for one of these holidays does not mean that the holiday has to be a bust. Instead, the parent can choose a day that he or she is with the children before or after the holiday to celebrate that particular holiday. The celebration can even include brand-new traditions of which the children will be excited to be a part.

Second, divorced parents may create veteran groups for other divorced parents. These parents may even want to unite on Thanksgivings or Christmases when they are not with their children. These groups offer the benefit of providing support not just during the holidays but year-round as well, especially as new custody-related issues potentially surface in the years ahead.

Divorce is never an easy process emotionally, especially when children are involved. However, the most ideal situation is if two parents in Montana can find common ground on areas such as child custody and visitation. In this case, they can create their own parenting agreement outside of court through a relatively amicable process such as divorce mediation, rather than having to depend on a judge to make important custody decisions for them.

Source:, "How to Deal With First Holidays After Divorce", Laura Lifshitz, Nov. 14, 2017

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