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Divorce may be inevitable by middle age

When people in Montana get married, the idea of getting divorced typically does not cross their minds in the beginning. However, irreconcilable differences over time can eventually cause a couple to split up. In fact, at least 40 percent of marital unions end in divorce in the United States.

A popular age for ending a marriage is in one's mid-40s to late 40s. Spouses in this age group often decide to get divorced because this is when their youngest children have already left home to go to college. Empty nesters can have an especially tough time coping with their empty nests if their marital relationships are on the rocks, as they quickly realize they are not happy in their current situations.

Children have a major impact on how marital relationships change. Many of a married couple's years, from when they are in their 20s to when they reach their 50s, are focused on rearing the children. It is this focus on the children that often keeps a relationship breathing. Thus, when the children leave and the two spouses are left to their own devices, they realize they have totally grown apart.

No matter the age spouses decide to get divorced, the process can be difficult both emotionally and financially. Having to split assets such as the family home, cars, money in the bank and retirement plans can be tricky depending on the circumstances. An attorney, however, can offer the necessary guidance to make sure that one achieves a fair share of assets during a Montana divorce proceeding.

Source:, "This Is the Most Popular Age to Get Divorced", Jen Glantz, Dec. 12, 2017

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