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Divorce has an effect on medical insurance coverage

Health insurance can be a complicated topic for families in Montana. However, it can seem even harder to deal with for families going through divorce. A couple of pointers about health insurance during divorce may be helpful for those trying to decide how to handle their medical insurance coverage in these circumstances.

First, if two spouses are getting divorced, the party receiving spousal medical insurance coverage will end up losing this coverage once the divorce is finalized. However, COBRA is available if he or she does not have a private health care plan or does not have his or her own employer's insurance plan to join. With COBRA, a former spouse's insurance coverage must be extended by up to 36 months by law.

When it comes to the children, though, their coverage is not affected by divorce. If the parents disagree about which parent should assume responsibility for providing the medical insurance coverage for a child, a family law judge will make this determination. The judge's decision might be based on which spouse is more independent financially, who pays child support or who can more easily access affordable health insurance coverage.

The financial aspect of divorce can quickly take a toll on someone trying to end his or her marriage. However, an attorney in Montana can help to figure out the details, enabling a client to make wise decisions given the circumstances surrounding the divorce. The aim of the attorney in this situation is to ensure that the spouse's rights are fully protected and that the client's best interests are upheld during throughout the divorce proceedings.

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