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Personal injury accident results in injuries to bicyclist

A bicyclist ended up with injuries following a car-bicycle collision in Montana. This type of a personal injury collision can easily occur if a car driver is careless behind the wheel. In this case, the driver may be held liable, or financially responsible, for the bicyclist's injuries.

The recent Montana accident took place on a Sunday evening just before 8 a.m. Police said a car struck the bicyclist along a boulevard. The individual riding the bike suffered injuries in the hip, head and left shoulder areas.

Authorities said it was not immediately clear who was at fault. However, they did say that alcohol and drugs appeared to be factors in the crash. They continued to investigate the collision.

If the police investigation reveals that the car driver was the one who was careless, perhaps driving while impaired, then the bicyclist may choose to file a personal injury claim against the driver, seeking damages. Competent proof of negligence is required to establish liability before the civil court hearing the case. Only then will claims for financial damages be determined.

A successfully fought lawsuit may lead to a monetary award that may help the bicyclist to cover medical costs as well as the loss of wages and other expenses related to the personal injury accident in Montana. The award might also help to address pain and suffering as well as emotional distress stemming from the crash. No amount of money can undo the events leading to this type of bicyclist accident. However, it may make it easier for the injured victim to move forward from the collision.

Source:, "Bicyclist hospitalized after vehicle vs. bicyclist crash", Jan. 9, 2018

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