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Car accidents causing injuries, deaths in Montana winter weather

A man's life was sadly cut short in a recent motor vehicle accident. The car crash occurred on a Friday morning and involved three motor vehicles. Sometimes, these types of car accidents stem from a driver's carelessness behind the wheel, in which case the responsible driver may be held financially responsible for the injuries and deaths he or she caused.

The recent Montana accident took place at a street intersection at around 10:40 a.m. According to authorities, one male driver died in the collision, while another male driver suffered injuries and was taken to the hospital. A female driver, the driver involved in the collision, suffered minor injuries, such as cuts due to broken glass.

Authorities said that winter weather in the region had led to many other slide-offs and crashes as well. The crashes involved other cars, guardrails and concrete drivers. In many of these cases, drivers were reportedly driving too quickly for the weather conditions.

A police investigation may reveal who caused the recent three-car accident in Montana. If the second male driver is found to have caused the first male driver's death due to negligent driving behavior, the surviving loved ones of the deceased driver may choose to file a wrongful death claim, seeking damages. Meanwhile, if the second driver's injuries resulted from the first driver's carelessness, the injured male driver may file a personal injury claim against the deceased driver's estate and anyone else with an ownership interest in the car that the deceased driver was operating at the time of the collision. A successfully fought claim may lead to monetary damages that can help to pay for medical bills, burial costs and other losses linked to these types of car accidents.

Source:, "Three Car Crash near Victor Takes One Life -- MHP Investigating", Peter Christian, Feb. 9, 2018

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