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March 2018 Archives

Can an out-of-state court approve a custody award?

When parents divorce, one parent may decide to move to another city or even another state, especially in instances when the divorcing couple lives in a rural area. Rebuilding a life after divorce can prove very difficult for a parent who feels isolated from his or her primary supports. Family, friends and forged ties with other community members are important, and often one parent may choose to move out of a rural area, taking the divorcing couple's child along.

Car accidents may occur due to negligent driving

Two individuals in Montana have suffered injuries in a motor vehicle crash. The two-car accident took place on a recent Friday. Sometimes these types of car accidents happen as a result of another driver's carelessness, in which case the at-fault driver may be held financially responsible for any injuries resulting from the accident.

Family dealing with child custody may benefit from therapy

The divorce process in Montana can understandably be painful for many couples. However, for those who do not have children, it is oftentimes relatively straightforward. This is not so for those who have minor children, as they must deal with child custody issues on top of matters such as property division. Fortunately, they can take a couple of steps to make sure that their children's best interests are protected.

Car accidents in Montana top 7k during past 6 months

Research shows that Montana Highway Patrol troopers responded to more than 7,600 motor vehicle crashes during the past six months. This is higher than the 6,800-plus car accidents to which they responded during this same period from 2016 to 2017. Of the crashes that took place across the state, nine of them apparently involved police cars.

Gray divorce may negatively affect personal finances

A marital breakup in Montana can understandably be challenging no matter how long or short of a time two people have been married. However, divorce can be especially tough for those who have been married for decades. After all, they have decades' worth of assets to divide.

Personal injury to the head may lead to dementia later on

A traumatic brain injury, such as a concussion, might increase a patient's risk of suffering from Alzheimer's disease down the road in Montana and elsewhere. This is the finding of a recent study examining head injuries. The research was the first one to use Alzheimer's disease cases confirmed via autopsies to look at the long-term impacts of personal injury accidents involving the head.

Receiving promotion may boost woman's chance of getting divorce

In some marriages in Montana and elsewhere, the husband is the one whose career comes first. Meanwhile, the woman's career is placed on the back burner. In these cases, divorce can easily happen if the woman's career suddenly takes off.

Cash poor divorce may mean ongoing alimony

When a couple rich in assets but cash poor chooses to divorce, it is not a simple matter to determine how to fairly go about a divorce settlement. In and around Billings, many couples maintain ranches that have been in one's family for some time, making it implausible to physically divide that property. The spouse whose family owns the land may live well because of low overhead costs, but have only modest liquid assets.

Property division involving pets can cause conflict

The thought of breaking up with a spouse is painful enough without thinking about losing a pet in the process. This is why property division involving pets can become a major area of contention during divorce, whether in Montana or another jurisdiction. In many cases, even though pets are viewed as property by the court, divorcing couples treat them more like children when working out how they will be handled following divorce.