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April 2018 Archives

Protecting finances essential during divorce proceeding

The breakup of a marriage can understandably be a difficult process from both an emotional and a financial standpoint. The financial aspect of divorce can be particularly unsettling, as what happens during the divorce will have a long-term impact on the two spouses' ability to support themselves. A couple of tips might help those navigating the financial aspect of divorce in Montana.

Divorce may be hard on adult children, too

No matter how young or old two parents are when they get divorced, their children are affected by the process. The reality is that gray divorce -- the breakup of couples who are 50 years old or older -- is on the rise throughout the United States, including in Montana. Here are a few tips for minimizing the negative impact of divorce on adult children.

Car accidents often result from speeding, illegal passing

A woman tragically lost her life in a recent pickup truck collision in Montana. In addition, five other people suffered injuries in the crash. Sometimes these types of car accidents are the result of another person's carelessness, which is grounds for a civil lawsuit.

Divorce does not necessarily have to be acrimonious

The dissolution of a marriage in Montana can understandably be overwhelming emotionally, mentally and financially. However, not every divorce proceeding has to be filled with acrimony and drawn-out battles. A couple of tips may help those going through divorce navigate the process in the most amicable manner possible.

Personal injury involving spinal cord may impact life long term

In a car accident or a serious fall, a person in Montana can easily suffer spinal cord damage. This type of personal injury is serious and even debilitating. Fortunately, a team of professionals recently created a three-dimensional atlas showcasing a spinal cord to facilitate a greater understanding of spinal cord injuries and how to treat them effectively.

Couples therapists may help those contemplating divorce

When two spouses in Montana cannot reconcile their differences, their natural inclination may be to go through couples counseling. The goal of therapists is to keep their clients happy and help them to understand the other party's needs. However, if a marriage appears to be irreparable, should a therapist encourage a struggling married couple to get a divorce?